About Our Roots

The name Turnagain CrossFit was chosen to recognize Alaska and to inspire each athlete. Anchorage is surrounded by the Knik and Turnagain Arms of the Cook Inlet. The Turnagain Arm was named when Captain James Cook was searching for the Northwest Passage in 1778. The Knik Arm was searched first, ending in rivers. A frustrated crew had to "Turn Again" after sailing into the Turnagain Arm. This beautiful body of water has the highest tides in the U.S., with a bore tide up to 6-10 feet high and a speed up to 10-15 miles an hour.

You can often spot bald eagles off the scenic Seward Highway soaring above the Turnagain Arm. It's beautiful to see them flying and fishing along the way. The bald eagle is TCF’s mascot because we love America and the eagle's symbolism of strength and freedom

The gym motto is "Improve. Evolve. Endure.” It is important for everyone who walks through the doors to remember that our failures and mistakes are opportunities to Turn Again, inside and outside of the gym. Our overarching goal is to constantly grow as individual athletes and as a CrossFit family. We are so grateful to everyone that is a part of our community! Watching everyone improve, evolve, and endure is such a gift. Your success is our success!

Our founders, Trent and Angela Covington
Owners, Joshua & Rebecca Fidler