Jamie Rowley CF-L2

Bonus Credentials: CrossFit (CF) Gymnastics Certificate, CF Scaling

Trust and Estate planning. One of the main questions I get is, “so.. do you have a real job?”

Been “CrossFit-ing” since 2013. Best decision ever made.

Why Turnagain CrossFit?
Community, Stress-relief, & Motivating.

A few of my favorite things:
My dogs (#1) and family, being able to adventure, & strong muscles.

When I'm not at CrossFit
… (that is a tough one because I love Crossfit. I love what my body can do, how far it can be pushed, and watching someone else get so excited and surprised by their own CF results.) So, aside from CrossFit would be spending time with my dogs and family, adventuring (travel, hike, mtn bike, etc), & reading.


Lee Barloon CF-L2


Dustin Cline CF-L2